2 comments on “KGB10 Day 2

  1. Love the blog.
    Last picture on KGB Day 2 had me gasping. Pic of Gary and Ken. I just can’t believe how much Ken has changed and now looks the spit of Mike Bent!
    Are they related?
    Do they share shows or cover for each other?
    Congrats to Tamar on what sounds like a really successful lecture.
    Please pass on PM’s best wishes to the KGB crowd.
    I spoke to Herry Turbot today who said he was worried that he had nothing new to say or do at Trix in the Stix.
    I told him not to worry. I said that Kimmo would fill the void. “Cheeky bugger,” he said – aimed at me.
    Anyway, Trix in the Stix now sold out – with 5 months to go!

  2. Looks like your all having a ball.
    Sorry I’ve missed it. But enjoy every minute.
    Tamar & Gary. Hope your loving it. X

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